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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfashionfash‧ion1 /ˈfæʃən/ ●●● S3 W2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]FASHIONABLE something that is popular or thought to be good at a particular timefashion for the fashion for ‘discovery methods’ of learningfashion in The emerging science of photography was already changing fashions in art.in fashion Bright colours are in fashion this summer.out of fashion Their music will never go out of fashion. His ideas are coming back into fashion (=they are becoming popular again). Eastern religions used to be the fashion in the 60s. Self-help books are all the fashion (=they are very fashionable). Grammar Don’t say: on fashion2 [countable, uncountable]FASHIONABLE a style of clothes, hair etc that is popular at a particular time Young people are very concerned with fashion. The store has all the latest fashions.3 [uncountable]DCCBB the business or study of making and selling clothes, shoes etc in new and changing styles magazines about fashion and beauty the London College of Fashion4 in a ... fashion5 after a fashion6 after the fashion of somebody7 like it’s going out of fashion parrot fashion at parrot1(2)COLLOCATIONSphrasesbe in fashionBelted jackets are in fashion this winter.be out of fashionFlared trousers were out of fashion in the 1980s.go out of fashion (=stop being fashionable)Long evening dresses are going out of fashion.come back into fashion (=become fashionable again)Short skirts are coming back into fashion this year.be the height of fashion (=be very fashionable)With her short dress and high boots she was the height of fashion.keep up with fashion (=make sure that you know about the most recent fashions)Lucy likes to keep up with the latest fashions.fashion-conscious (=very interested in the latest fashions, and always wanting to wear fashionable clothes)Fashion-conscious people can’t get enough of these new designs.adjectivesthe latest fashionThey sell all the latest fashions.men’s/women’s fashionsMen’s fashions have not changed much in 50 years.fashion + NOUNthe fashion industryLondon is the centre of the British fashion industry.the fashion worldSmall women are often overlooked by the fashion world.a fashion showCalvin Klein’s fashion show featured suits and sportswear.a fashion modelFashion models are usually very tall.a fashion designerHer favourite fashion designers include Giorgio Armani and Gianfranco Ferre.fashion designHe went to St Martin’s School of Art to study fashion design.a fashion house (=a company that produces new and expensive styles of clothes)fashion houses such as Armani and Hugo Bossa fashion magazineShe’s the editor of a leading fashion magazine.fashion photographya book of Lang’s fashion photography a fashion photographerLater he worked as a fashion photographer for Vogue.a fashion shoot (=an occasion when photographs are taken of fashion models)She was asked to star with top model Naomi Campbell in a fashion shoot.a fashion shopWe walked around Milan’s famous fashion shops.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘the last fashion’. Say the latest fashion. THESAURUSfashion noun [countable, uncountable] a style of clothes, hair, behaviour etc that is fashionable. Fashion is also used as an uncountable noun, when talking about all of these styles in generalthe latest fashions from Donna Karanchanging fashions in popular musicI’m not interested in fashion.vogue noun [singular, uncountable] if there is a vogue for something, or it is in vogue, it is fashionable. Vogue sounds more formal and typical of the language that more educated speakers use than fashionthe current vogue for realistic animated filmsThere was a vogue for cream furniture in the 1920s.His pictures are very much in vogue these days.trend noun [countable] a way of doing something or a way of thinking that is becoming fashionable or popularThe magazine focuses on the latest trends in contemporary design.The trend is for people to wait longer to marry and have children. craze/fad noun [countable] informal a fashion, activity, type of music etc that suddenly becomes very popular, but only remains popular for a short time – often used about things that you think are rather sillya new fitness crazethe current fad for bare white walls and uncomfortable-looking metal furniture I’m sure it’s just a passing fad (=something that will soon stop being fashionable).fad dietssomething is all the rage formal used when saying that something is very popular and fashionable for a short timeThe game was all the rage at her school.
Examples from the Corpus
fashiona fashion designera fashion showResident movie stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Cher and Madonna also have spurred a boomlet in the entertainment and fashion businesses.Diane is the assistant fashion editor at "Vogue."changing fashions in popular musicThen he seized the initiative in a dramatic fashion, just as he had in April 1182.She wears anachronistic styles as though they were the latest fashion, with no hint of nostalgia.I always find it hard to keep up with the latest fashions.Albeit in an oblique fashion, Soviet Socialist Realism thus influenced the development of western high art.As women are liberated from some of the meaner dictates of dress, men are losing a certain brand of fashion freedom.They say commuting will be out of fashion - sounds great to me.He's one of the best-known designers in the world of fashion.This year's men's fashions are brighter and more casual than ever before.Platform sandals are this summer's fashion.Claire Selman selects fashion for action Skiing poses exceptionally extreme demands on clothing.Who started this fashion for wearing old army clothes?all the fashionAll the fashions shown on the night will be available to order in time for the spring and summer social season.