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lineline2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 DCto sew a piece of material onto the inside or back of another piece to make it stronger or warmer Are those curtains lined?line something with something a leather coat lined with silk2 COVERto form a layer over the inner surface of something The birds use small leaves for lining their nests.line something with something The cage should be lined with straw.3 LINEto form rows along the sides of something Crowds lined the route to the palace.be lined with something The street was lined with small shops. a tree-lined avenue4 line your own pockets line up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
lineUse wax paper to line the baking pan.Harbin lined the ball into right field.Bags of manure line the shelves.Fans lined the street just to get a glimpse of the band.Hundreds of people lined the streets to see the football team go by.Its boasts about fanatical recruits lining up for paradise through the martyrdom of suicide-bombing may be bluster.In addition, the Hurricanes also lined up several weeks back and rather easily handled then-No. 2 Virginia Tech.The route taken by the Queen was lined with crowds of people waving flags.These are no longer there either, but the edges of the field were lined with horse boxes, vans and trailers.The coffin's interior had apparently been lined with thick felt.line something with somethingThe jacket is lined with fur.We lined the box with newspaper.be lined with somethingIt was lined with baize, on which reposed row upon row of miniatures.The lobby and stairwell are lined with banners, athletic trophies and school bulletins.The boots are lined with Cambrelle throughout which effectively wicks away any excessive perspiration.The streets are lined with celebrants.This hallway was lined with pink-tinted mirrors.Its verandah was lined with potted shrubs, and connected to the bank by a gangway.The corridor was lined with windows overlooking a central quadrangle.