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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparasolpar‧a‧sol /ˈpærəsɒl $ -sɒːl, -sɑːl/ noun [uncountable]  DCDLOa type of umbrella used to provide shade from the sun
Examples from the Corpus
parasolShe carried a parasol to keep the sun from her face.Gielgud, seizing a parasol, crosses by tightrope.Her bright yellow silk dress and parasol could be seen the length of the boulevard.They carried parasols and held them against the driving snow as they minced along in three-inch clogs.Brave, she folded her parasol, hobbled off to the right, leaving the path.Chairs and sun parasols are provided in the beautifully kept garden which is ideal for a spot of sunbathing.She should fold up the parasol, use it for a cane.In this size there can be little double that this is Victorian parasol handle, despite its right-angled form.