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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpinstripepin‧stripe /ˈpɪnstraɪp/ noun [countable]  1 DCone of the thin pale lines that form a pattern on cloth against a darker background2 pinstripe suitpin-striped adjective
Examples from the Corpus
pinstripeThe effect is similar to dressing a tall man in a pinstripe suit - it simply accentuates the length!The commander sat in a pinstripe suit behind his desk, an island of teak in a sea of purple carpet.Alternatively you could pick up a pinstripe suit from tried and trusted Marks & Spencer.One man, wearing a cowboy hat and a loud check jacket, clashed somewhat with the overcoats and pinstripes.He was dressed in spiffy blue pinstripes and expensive black shoes and sported a peach-colored hanky in his front pocket.He was dressed better than his scruffy usual -- all decked out in pinstripes, as a matter of fact.Sometimes he was in a City of London pinstripe and showing off his new dentures.Red-and-white pinstripes of the Payless Cashways-employee variety.