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tacktack2 verb  1 [transitive always + adverb/preposition]FASTEN/DO UP to attach something to a wall, board etc, using a tacktack something to something A handwritten note was tacked to the wall.2 [intransitive]TTW to change the course of a sailing ship so that the wind blows against its sails from the opposite direction3 [transitive]DCDLH to fasten pieces of cloth together with long loose stitches, before sewing them tack something ↔ on→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
tackAlways nice that they tack a little contest on to the end of a week like this.When all the pleats have been tacked in place, check that the finished width equals the length of the valance rail.Seagate Technology tacked on 7 / 8 to 47 3 / 4, having traded as high as 49 in the session.Environmental protection can not be tacked on to the end of industrial development.They hung at the end of slender wrists and looked as if they had been tacked on to the wrong person.They would search the woods behind the house, and Nockerd would tack the chicken wire tighter around the cage.Then firmly tack the seam, leaving the needles in place, to hold the layers together.A few charcoal sketches were tacked to the walls.tack something to somethingThe handwritten note was tacked to the wall.