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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwalletwal‧let /ˈwɒlɪt $ ˈwɑː-/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 DCa small flat case, often made of leather, that you carry in your pocket, for holding paper money, bank cards etc syn billfold American Englishpursein your wallet I’ve only got about £10 in my wallet. He took a credit card out of his wallet.2 BPG British English a case for documents, often made of leather or plastic
Examples from the Corpus
walletWade nodded at him and pulled a small photograph from his wallet.He had left his wallet behind, too.At Newcastle station, the buffet was closed and some one stole his wallet.Miami was too quick to open its wallet.I took my wallet out and took two fivers and put them on the table.In top vintages, we are more than willing to open our wallets to stock our cellars with classic claret.All around the ring wallets were being slapped open and shut; fingers were being angrily pointed.All right, so you lifted the bearded geezer's wallet, but never mind that for the moment.in your walletAnd I put £20 in my wallet.This picture Carlo and Dean neatly cut down the middle with a razor and saved a half each in their wallets.He carried notes about with him in his wallet, on one occasion, at any rate about a hundred pounds.Dad kept it in his wallet.This time he decided to take very little in his wallet.Store cards Store cards do not deserve their place in your wallet as they carry punitive rates of interest.And he did keep the check stub in his wallet like a picture of his kids.