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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwearwear1 /weə $ wer/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tense wore /wɔː $ wɔːr/, past participle worn /wɔːn $ wɔːrn/)  1 on your body [transitive]DCWEAR CLOTHES to have something such as clothes, shoes, or jewellery on your body Susanna was wearing a black silk dress. He wore glasses for reading.wear a seat belt (=have it around yourself)wear black/white/red etc Usually I wear black, grey, or brown.wear something to a party/a dance/an interview etc I’m wearing a scarlet dress to the party.see thesaurus at dressRegisterIn everyday English, people often say that someone has something on rather than is wearing something:She had on a black silk dress.2 DCBhair [transitive] to have your hair or beard in a particular style or shape She wore her hair loose.3 damage [intransitive, transitive]DAMAGE to become thinner or weaker after continuous use, or to make something do this The cushions are starting to wear a little. His jeans have worn thin at the knees. You’ve worn a hole in your sock.4 wear well5 expression [transitive]EXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACE to have a particular expression on your facewear a smile/frown/grin etc His face wore a welcoming smile.6 something is wearing thin7 wear the trousers8 wear your heart on your sleevewearable adjective wear away wear down wear off wear on wear out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
wearI wear a lot of black.Everything she does, the clothes she wears and her boyfriends will be minutely scrutinized.The other, facing us, wears aqua, four thin black stripes low on her hips.Carolyn always wore bright colors like red.Suitable for people who wear glasses.Rosa was wearing her hair in a long braid down her back.He was six feet two, kept fit by riding daily in Central Park, and always wore jodhpurs to work.It works less, rests more, and consequently takes a much longer time to wear out.She wears sandals, even in the winter.She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.Do you think I can wear these shoes with this dress?Were you wearing your jacket when we got on the bus?There is no reason to wear your watch this way, except that your father told you to do so.wear black/white/red etcBalanchine decreed that the swans would wear black.He was wearing white flannel trousers and a white shirt with a cravat at his neck.A commando unit, wearing black jerseys, gloves and skull-caps, armed with bazookas, marched past.Off duty he wears white T-shirts.Mr Alsop generally wore a velvet smoking jacket to dinner; the young men wore black tie.She wore black tights, and maroon socks that stuck up above her boots.He was wearing black track suit bottoms, black white and yellow T-shirt and three-quarter length yellow coat.She will wear black until the day she dies.worn thinBut today her patience had worn thin.No wonder some of the gloss on the original Barcelona Declaration seems to have worn thin!Truth is, my patience with generalizations has worn thin.wear a smile/frown/grin etcThe city wears a smile, and the arts that endure are valued.Each wore a frown as stubborn as the other's.