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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwearerwear‧er /ˈweərə $ ˈwerər/ noun [countable]  DCsomeone who wears a particular type of clothing, jewellery etc Bicycle helmets offer wearers protection against head injury. hearing aid wearers
Examples from the Corpus
wearerHeadphones are not practicable for hearing aid wearers because the proximity of the headphone causes acoustic feedback in the aids.Maker and wearer share a breathtaking expectation.But they do recommend that headphone wearers use caution.They are used to increase the comfort of dry eye sufferers and contact lens wearers.Can irritate sensitive eyes or those of contact lens wearers.Many manufacturers offer packs with adjustable harnesses, allowing the wearer to get the correct fit.Each company sells clothes which have a clear identity allowing the wearer to convey a particular image to the outside world.The structural invisibility enjoyed by the uniform wearer is a strange matter to experience.