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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-groomedˌwell-ˈgroomed adjective  DCSMART/WELL-DRESSEDsomeone who is well-groomed looks very neat and clean
Examples from the Corpus
well-groomedAmbassadors' wives are expected to look fashionable and well-groomed.She was as well-groomed as ever, but her expression was tired and worn.And 130 miles of well-groomed bicycle paths link all areas of the city.Their well-groomed coats gleam like a couple of sleek self-conscious thoroughbreds.He had turned from a beer-bellied, ranting bear into a well-groomed, grumbling sheepdog.Neat well-groomed hair cut in a style that suits the face and personality is much more pleasing.He was a tall, well-groomed man in youthful middle age.Then they show an equally well-groomed man or woman in a Postal Service cap pointing out how much cheaper Priority Mail is.Below us the landscape shone in great brown-and-white patterns like the coat of a well-groomed piebald horse.She's marrying a well-groomed successful businessman named Paul.A well-groomed young couple sat at the table next to ours.