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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharmbandarm‧band /ˈɑːmbænd $ ˈɑːrm-/ noun [countable]  1 DCa band of material that you wear around your arm to show that you have an official position, or as a sign of mourning2 [usually plural] British EnglishDSS one of two bands of plastic filled with air that you wear around your arms when you are learning to swim syn waterwings
Examples from the Corpus
armbandHe sagged inside his best grey suit, and his black armband looked like a bandage.The black armband strained on one sleeve.The guy he was referring to was walking quietly to-ward us, a sergeant wearing a white helmet and bright armbands.Can teachers wear political buttons, badges, or armbands to class?Not according to a Texas case where officials prohibited armbands because they expected those who opposed the armbands to cause disruption.They have Kalashnikov rifles slung ready across their chests and wear distinctive red and white armbands and helmets.Although they knew about the policy, several students wore armbands to school, refused to remove them, and were suspended.