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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclingycling‧y /ˈklɪŋi/ (also clinging /ˈklɪŋɪŋ/) adjective  1 DEPEND ON/RELY ONsomeone who is clingy is too dependent on another person, and will often hold on to them – used to show disapproval a shy clingy child2 DCclingy clothing or material sticks tightly to your body and shows its shape – use this to show approval She wore a clingy red dress.
Examples from the Corpus
clingyI'd never wear anything clingy.She's turned out very clingy.Others were wet and clingy and had pulsing red veins and stringy muscle cords woven into them.They tend to be more clingy and less competent, both socially and intellectually.And yet, she is also clingy and whiny sometimes bossy and demanding.A clingy child was also an abused child according to these guidelines.Samantha has become very clingy lately.A clingy, whiny child who evokes your sympathy.