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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoverallscov‧er‧alls /ˈkʌvərɔːlz $ -ɒːlz/ noun [plural]  DCPROTECT American English a piece of clothing that you wear over all your clothes to protect them syn overalls British English
Examples from the Corpus
coverallsShe took her hip flask from her coveralls and emptied it in one long gulp.Then he straightened and dusted invisible grains of dirt from the knees of his coveralls.Big butts of pear-shaped gents in coveralls lined up on the stools like the 1938 Chicago Bears as seen by Bronko Nagurski.One creative solution: workers were issued coveralls without pockets.Brand stood before the judge in blue jail coveralls and leg irons.Later two cattle trucks came, and the drivers put coveralls over their regular clothes and hazed the yearlings into the trucks.They were tired and despondent, stooped in their waterproof coveralls.He had forgotten to take off the white coveralls.They stepped into yellow coveralls, hosed the boat.