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dartdart2 ●○○ noun  1 dart.jpg [countable]DGDPMW a small pointed object that is thrown or shot as a weapon, or one that is thrown in the game of darts a poisoned dart2 darts3 [singular]FAST/QUICK a sudden quick movement in a particular direction The prisoner made a dart for the door.4 dart of guilt/panic/pain etc5 [countable]DC a small fold put into a piece of clothing to make it fit better
Examples from the Corpus
dartStocks chosen by darts or chimps do not have the same following among television viewers.She is interested in most sports, especially hurling and soccer and she has won several trophies for darts.From the next room came the thwack of darts and a louder hubbub of voices.Thorns pricked his hands, and his back felt as if it were being peppered by poison darts.Some South American Indians use poison darts for hunting.She held her breath on another quick dart of guilt.Gusts of freezing wind bite at exposed skin while stinging darts of cold assault gloved fingertips.Jayasuriya's unassuming darts were well directed and by the time he was bowling, the pitch was unreliable.made a dart forIt made a dart for the door as he came in, but he was too quick for it.The mouse made a dart for its hole.