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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdishevelleddi‧shev‧elled British English, disheveled American English /dɪˈʃevəld/ adjective  DCif someone’s appearance or their clothes, hair etc is dishevelled, they look very untidy Pam arrived late, dishevelled and out of breath.
Examples from the Corpus
dishevelledOne is relaxed, the other dishevelled.He looked dishevelled and felt it.Her hair was dishevelled and her green eyes full of sleep.She was conscious of her rather dishevelled appearance.In the fourth cell there is a man with long dishevelled hair.The other passengers drew back from the dishevelled river dwellers, so far out of their element.The distressed and dishevelled schoolgirl was found whimpering in the garden by the owner of the bungalow.She sat in the dishevelled shabby glamour of her bedroom and stared out of the window for hours at a time.His landlady had said that Drew had returned in a dishevelled state about 1.00am from the opposite direction from the theatre.