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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmade-to-measureˌmade-to-ˈmeasure adjective  DCmade-to-measure clothes, curtains etc are specially made to fit opp off-the-peg
Examples from the Corpus
made-to-measureSo why pay extra and wait longer for one that's made-to-measure?As the heritage boom gathers pace, made-to-measure company and family biographies have become big business.Wind is only one of the constant perils his clients face, and his made-to-measure hats can surmount most of the elements.Bond Bags Peggy La Riviere is well known for her wide variety of made-to-measure knitting machine and accessory covers and cases.Individual Refined Lip Colour, a unique new made-to-measure lipstick service, offers a choice of over 28,000 shades.It concerned a contract to provide a made-to-measure set of teeth and it arose because they did not fit.Malcolm also slowly moved into made-to-measure tailoring, probably because of teddy boys coming in and asking for stuff to be made up.And when I had it customized, I could boast I was wearing something that was made-to-measure - twice.