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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplumedplumed /pluːmd/ adjective [only before noun]  DCdecorated with feathers a knight with a plumed helmet
Examples from the Corpus
plumedEven the pair of plumed cockatoos that normally chattered away at each other in their wrought-iron enclosure were asleep on their perches.In human form he was a man with a tall plumed headdress.Felix could see a man in the shining armour and plumed helmet of a Reiksguard knight.the knights' plumed helmetsHer island was peopled with plumed parrots, preening dodos, psychedelic land crabs.And now gaily plumed water birds began to appear on the rapidly swelling river.Unmistakable with its black and white plumage, black on the bare head and neck and plumed wings.