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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpouchpouch /paʊtʃ/ noun [countable]  1 DCa small leather, cloth, or plastic bag that you can keep things in, and which is sometimes attached to a beltpouch of a leather pouch of tobacco a money pouch2 especially American English a large bag for carrying letters or papers a mail pouch3 a pocket in the side of a bag such as a rucksack4 joey.jpg HBAa pocket of skin on the stomach which marsupials such as kangaroos use for carrying their babies5 HBAa fold of skin like a bag which animals such as hamsters or squirrels have inside each cheek to carry and store food
Examples from the Corpus
pouchThree or four days before mating, the male develops a pouch on his belly.a concealed pouch for your passportWithin five seconds, the female squirts several thousand eggs into his pouch and the two separate.One patient with pelvic sepsis developed a pouch-vaginal fistula and ileoanal stenosis culminating in pouch excision.With only two cartridges in their pouches and the last meal a memory of days, they had to.Two pouches failed because of ischaemia but the clinical results in the remaining seven patients are indistinguishable from younger patients in the series.