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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsleevelesssleeve‧less /ˈsliːvləs/ adjective  DCa sleeveless jacket, dress etc has no sleeves
Examples from the Corpus
sleevelessHer floor-length ice-blue satin dress was sleeveless and had a drop waist.Really, she could wear sleeveless dresses if she wanted to.Waistcoats or sleeveless pullovers sometimes worn with suits, though you couldn't see them when the top button was done up.She bared more of her body, in a sleeveless sheath that hit just below the knees.Black sleeveless T-shirt, black shorts, no shoes.The jeans and sleeveless T-shirt were serviceable.He was wearing only a sleeveless vest and a pair of short pants that reached almost to his bony knees.Even in this weather he was wearing a sleeveless vest.