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slingsling2 noun [countable]  1 DCa piece of cloth tied around your neck to support an injured arm or handin a sling She had her arm in a sling.2 Ta set of ropes or strong pieces of cloth that are used to lift and carry heavy objects3 DHBa special type of bag that fastens over your shoulders, in which you can carry a baby close to your body4 PMWa piece of rope with a piece of leather in the middle, used in past times as a weapon for throwing stones5 slings and arrows
Examples from the Corpus
slingThere are several dings and dents in the body where the guitar has suffered the slings and arrows of a curious public.Instead, I suffered the slings and abuses of public health.in a slingShe had her arm in a sling for months.It was usually felt that the chap with his arm in a sling had an ulterior motive.But for a year on and off, I carried my arm in a sling.Wearing dark glasses, with one arm in a sling, she seemed disoriented and distanced from events.A fifth customer, a young man with baby in sling, wanders in.Carefully, I disguise my computer in a sling.She carries her in a sling on her back.He placed the hook in the worn pocket and stood in a sling.