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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtailoredtai‧lored /ˈteɪləd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 DCa piece of clothing that is tailored is made to fit very well a tailored suit2 SUITABLEmade or done specially for someone’s particular need or situation tailored financial advice
Examples from the Corpus
tailoredHarlequin has a range of tailored data presentation applications such as Watson - for criminal investigations - and a crew rostering system.Perhaps the most invaluable feature is the unique cable control that allows you to activate the stopwatch from a tailored finger grip.For instance, a black jacket has a midnight blue lining rather than black, while all tailored jackets have four inner pockets.carefully tailored legislationCompany Programmes have a successful 15 year record of designing and delivering carefully tailored organisational and management development courses.Madame Weill, a tiny woman in a tailored suit, tried to fob the policeman off.