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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtaperedta‧pered /ˈteɪpəd $ -ərd/ adjective  DCNARROWhaving a shape that gets narrower towards one end tapered trousers
Examples from the Corpus
taperedtapered candlesThe UV-975 variable wavelength detector has a tapered flow cell giving reduced refractive index effects.This pegged and tapered generation have learned from punk, will never repeat the glaring abuses of an earlier rock aristocracy.Readily differentiated by its tapered head from Chabertia.The program also allows for tapered raglan and saddle shoulder sleeve tops.And tapered slacks in wine or navy; she saw those everywhere.The Black prince was the only smoothly tapered statuette, easily grasped, eleven inches from helmet to plinth.Between the knife-shaped iron blade and the tapered tail of the spear is a rounded handle made from a particularly hard tree.A long-line jacket with tapered trousers skims over any figure flaws.