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threadthread2 verb [transitive usually + adverb/preposition]  1 DCDLHto put a thread, string, rope etc through a hole Will you thread the needle for me?thread something through something Tom threaded the rope through the safety harness.2 TCPto put a film, tape etc correctly through parts of a camera, projector, or tape recorder3 FASTEN/DO UPto connect two or more objects by pushing something such as string through a hole in them Sue threaded the glass beads onto a piece of heavy string.4 thread your way through/into etc something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
threadSome of the tunnels must have run for miles, winding in and out of the channels of water that threaded everywhere.Huong was already threading his machine.Thread the beads on a string and make a necklace.He threaded the pen back through her fingers, gently.They missed his knack of threading the play together and didn't produce their usual rhythm.Rather, the guitar and drum set seem like obbligato instruments, threading their way through the varied and highly imaginative texture.Steel threaded through her muscles, and her senses became as sharp as a cat's.A tip for threading up Silver Reed or Knitmaster machines.thread ... needleThe hole is big so that children can thread the needle.