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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrimmingstrim‧mings /ˈtrɪmɪŋz/ noun [plural]  1 with all the trimmings2 CUTsmall pieces that are left after you have cut something larger hedge trimmings3 DCpieces of material used to decorate clothes a hat with fur trimmings
Examples from the Corpus
trimmingsMeat cuts used include pork shoulders; beef chuck, brisket, and flank; and trimmings of all kinds.Using black trimmings, shape the front and rear bumpers and a rectangle for the radiator.She wore a blue velvet gown with black trimmings.Mould a little bird for the top of the hutch, if liked, from brown fondant trimmings.The loose trimmings I wrap in cloth to bury under you.Flute the edges of the pie and decorate with the pastry trimmings.Farrah was dressed in a new white romper suit with pink trimmings.The graceful brass plated trimmings and finials are complemented here by the solid pine Osborne surround.The 1,200 boxes include everything from chunks of concrete he fetched from the street to trimmings from his own mustache.tree trimmings