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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunbecomingun‧be‧com‧ing /ˌʌnbɪˈkʌmɪŋ◂/ adjective old-fashioned  1 DCUGLYclothes that are unbecoming make you look unattractive syn unflattering2 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSWRONG/UNSUITABLEbehaviour that is unbecoming is shocking or unsuitableunbecoming to conduct unbecoming to a teacher
Examples from the Corpus
unbecomingIn the course of time, the club engaged in unbecoming activities which have angered the community.As it was, her flamboyance struck people as unbecoming and her apparent phlegm as not very lovable.It is unbecoming to go on hating an enemy like this once a conflict is over.conduct unbecomingSnyder was charged with conduct unbecoming an officer.