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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-dressedˌwell-ˈdressed adjective  DCwearing attractive fashionable clothes an attractive, well-dressed young woman
Examples from the Corpus
well-dressedLook for Robert Hung, the well-dressed and amiable manager.He walked into the party with a beautiful well-dressed blonde on his arm.Descending to the foyer in search of the Lionisers, she saw a sturdy well-dressed girl in black turning away from the reception desk.The photograph showed a well-dressed man in his early 50s.And why was such a well-dressed man using a brothel like the City of Dreams?And then it just lies there on the screen, with all the inert charm of a well-dressed mannequin.The well-dressed patrons raised quizzical eyebrows and exchanged glances on seeing us come in.He was going to visit some one and he had to be clean, bright, well-dressed, smart and quite definitely sober.Dinner is taken by candlelight at a well-dressed table in the elegant dining room.The young woman with the children looked too well-dressed to be a nanny.She was accompanied by a dark, well-dressed woman.