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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzipzip1 /zɪp/ ●●● S3 noun  1 zip.jpg [countable] British EnglishDC two lines of small metal or plastic pieces that slide together to fasten a piece of clothing syn zipper American English The zip on my skirt had broken.do up/undo a zip Your zip’s undone at the back.2 [uncountable] informalENERGETIC speed, energy, or excitement This car goes with a bit more zip than my last one. A spoonful of mustard will give the dish some zip.3 [singular] American English informalNONE/NOTHING nothing at all or zero We beat them 10 to zip. ‘How much money do you have left?’ ‘Zip!’
Examples from the Corpus
zipZips: a double zip which is smooth running with an inner draught baffle.Sue ordered tickets for three shows, but got zip.A white towel hung over its back and on the seat rested a brown canvas bag, its zip open.He may be less than a month shy of turning 41, but his passes still carry plenty of zip.If you want to join two bags together to make a double, make sure the zips are compatible.Zips: the two-way zip is well protected inside with a baffle and has anti-snag webbing along its full length.