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anorak arm ascot Babygro balaclava bandanna baseball cap basque bathing cap bathing costume bathing suit bathing trunks bathrobe bath towel beachwear beading beanie bearskin bell-bottoms belt belted beret bespoke bib bikini black-tie blazer blouse blue jeans boa bobble bobble hat bobby socks bodice body body stocking body suit boiler suit bolero bolo tie bomber jacket bonnet boob tube boot bootee bootlace bottom boxer shorts bra braid brassiere breeches britches brogue Burberry business suit bustle caftan cagoule camiknickers camisole cap cape cardigan care label carpet slipper cassock cast-offs casual cat suit chemise chinos chinstrap cloak cloche clog cloth cap coat coattails cocked hat cony coonskin cope corset court shoe couture cowboy hat cowl cowl neck crew neck crinoline cuff culottes cummerbund cut deck shoe deerstalker delicates derby dicky dinner jacket dog collar donkey jacket double-breasted doublet drainpipe trousers drawstring dress dressing gown dress shirt dress uniform drip-dry dry-clean dry cleaner's duffel coat dungarees duster earmuffs elbow ensemble espadrille evening dress falsies fashion fashion show fastener feather boa feathered fez fishnet stockings fitting fitting room flannel flannelette flat flat cap fleece flip-flops flipper floor-length flounce flounced fly footwear formal fox fray frilly frock frock coat full full dress fur fuzz gabardine gaiter galoshes garment garter garter belt gather(v) gather(n) gathering gauntlet gear getup girdle glove gloved gown greatcoat G-string gumboot gusset gym shoe gymslip haberdasher haberdashery halter hand-me-down hanger hankie hard-wearing hat hatpin hatter headband headdress headscarf hem(n) hem(v) hemline hip pocket hobnailed homburg hooded hook and eye hose hosiery hot pants housecoat informal insole instep iron(n) iron(v) ironing jackboot jacket jammies jeans jerkin jersey Jockey shorts jockstrap jodhpurs jogging suit jumper jumpsuit kaftan kerchief khakis kilt kimono knee breeches knickerbockers knickers lace lace-up lapel leg leggings leotard linen loafer loincloth long long johns lounge suit low low-cut Lycra mac mackintosh mantle masquerade matinée jacket menswear milliner millinery mini miniskirt mink mitt mitten mob cap moccasin moleskin monogram moon boot morning coat morning dress morning suit mourning muff muffler mukluks mule muu-muu name-tape national costume national dress neck neckerchief necktie negligee nightcap nightclothes nightdress nightgown nightie nightshirt nightwear non-iron off-the-peg oilskin one-piece open open-necked outerwear outfitter outsize overall overcoat overdressed overshoe oxford padded panama hat panel pantaloons panties pants pantyhose parka patch(n) patch(v) patent leather peak pencil skirt petticoat pillbox pinafore pinny pith helmet pj's plimsoll plus fours polo neck polo shirt poncho pre-shrunk pull-on pullover puttee pyjamas raglan raincoat rainproof ready-to-wear regalia revealing robe robed rubber boot ruff ruffle run(v) run(n) sable saddle shoe sailor suit sandal sari sarong sartorial sash satchel scarf school tie scoop neck seamed seamless separates shawl shell suit shirt shirtfront shirt tail shoe shoehorn shoelace shoemaker shoestring shoulder shoulder strap showerproof singlet skin-tight skirt skull cap slicker slingback slip slip-ons slipper smock smoking jacket smuggling snap snappy sneaker snowshoe snug sock sole(n) sole(v) sombrero sou'wester sox sporran sport coat sport jacket sports coat sport shirt sports jacket sports shirt sporty stay Stetson stiletto stocking stole stone-washed straitjacket strip stud suit sundress sun hat surplice suspender belt sweatband sweater sweatpants sweatshirt sweat suit swimming costume swimming trunks swimsuit swimwear tailcoat tank top tee shirt ten-gallon hat Terylene thermal thong three-piece suit tights toga top topcoat topee top hat topi topper tracksuit train trench coat trilby trousers trouser suit T-shirt tube top tuck(v) tuck(n) tunic turban turtleneck tutu tuxedo tweed twinset two-piece underclothes underdressed undergarment underpants undershirt underwear undies uniform uniformed union suit upper veil velour velvet visor voluminous waist waistband waistcoat waistline wardrobe washing waterproof wear wedding dress wellie wellington welly wet-look wet suit wimple wind breaker wing collar wingtip wool woollen woollens woolly(a) woolly(n) worsted wrap wrap-around wrinkle wristband Y-fronts yoke zoot suit

Language: Old English
Origin: clathas, plural of clath; CLOTH


clothes S2 W2 [plural]
the things that people wear to cover their body or keep warm:
I enjoy shopping for new clothes.
What sort of clothes was he wearing?
put on/take off clothes
I showered and put on clean clothes.
change your clothes/change into clean/dry etc clothes
The kids ran upstairs to change into dry clothes.
work/school etc clothes
men dressed in ordinary street clothes
a clothes shop

➔ a change of clothes

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; ➔ designer clothes

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clothes, clothing, garment, cloth
clothes are things that you wear, for example shirts and dresses I need some new clothes. Do you ever wear your sister's clothes?!! clothes is always plural and has no singular form He was wearing nice clothes (NOT a nice clothe/clothes). Use clothing to talk about a particular type of clothes or when talking about making or selling clothes Special protective clothing is worn. a clothing manufacturer!! This word is not used much in ordinary spoken language I went shopping for summer clothes (NOT clothing). In formal English, you can use garment or piece/item/article of clothing to refer to one thing you wear a long velvet garment a discarded article of clothing But it is more usual to name the particular thing you mean He was wearing a long coat (NOT long garment).Cloth is the material that clothes are made from a suit made from fine woollen cloth