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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbathrobebath‧robe /ˈbɑːθrəʊb $ ˈbæθroʊb/ noun [countable]  DCCa long loose piece of clothing shaped like a coat, that you wear especially before or after having a bath or showerdressing gown
Examples from the Corpus
bathrobeHe twisted a bathrobe belt around her neck and forced her on to a bed before raping her twice in July 1991.She hung her bathrobe on its hook near the door, aligned her slippers at the foot of the bed.An immediate bathrobe after her bath.Recently, there has been a move towards customised self-liquidating premiums, an example being luxury bathrobes bearing the company logo.The bathrobe did not do the trick.Later, David pulled on Clare's towelling bathrobe and led Josh down to the kitchen.Folly reached for the towelling bathrobe that hung behind the door, and made her way out into the corridor.