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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboabo‧a /ˈbəʊə $ ˈboʊə/ noun [countable]  1 (also boa constrictor)HBA a large snake that is not poisonous, but kills animals by crushing them2 DCCa feather boa
Examples from the Corpus
boaA guy walks around the convention floor with a boa constrictor around his neck.It is one of the wilder places on earth and contains rainforest, and boa constrictors.Better yet, Rodman in a feather boa, running anchor for the women.Diana Ross sauntered down the catwalk this season wearing little more than a feather boa and a smile.A black feather boa, perhaps bought for the Black Ascot, curved lavishly round to cancel any suggestion of nakedness.Snake breeder Okan Guney says the birth of twelve emerald tree boas was the most important event in his life. pro.