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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbootboot1 /buːt/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 SHOEDCCa type of shoe that covers your whole foot and the lower part of your legWellington hiking boots a pair of boots rubber boot2 TTC British English an enclosed space at the back of a car, used for carrying bags etc syn trunk American English The new model has a bigger boot.3 the boot4 to boot5 put the boot in6 the boot is on the other foot7 American English a metal object that the police attach to one of the wheels of an illegally parked car so that it cannot be moved syn wheel clamp British English8 boots on the ground be/get too big for your boots at big1(14), → lick somebody’s boots at lick1(7), → tough as old boots at tough1(2)COLLOCATIONStypes of bootsleather bootsHe bought some sturdy leather boots.wellington boots British English, rubber boots American English (=rubber boots that stop your feet and legs getting wet)The kids put on their rubber boots and went out in the rain.walking/hiking bootsIn the mountains you’ll need some strong walking boots.football/rugby/riding/ski bootsTake your muddy football boots off before you come inside.ankle boots (=only as high as your ankles)Ankle boots are fashionable again this autumn.long boots (=as high as your knees or thighs)I bought a pair of long leather boots.knee-high bootsShe looked fabulous in a mini-skirt and knee-high boots.phrasesa pair of bootsI really need a new pair of boots this winter.
Examples from the Corpus
bootBoxes of shoes and boots filled the corners of the room.The unit badge a pigeon wearing flying boots!a pair of hiking bootsAmelia, in boots, breeks, and leather jacket is smiling into the distance.Skintight jeans tucked into a pair of brown leather boots and a terrific figure.I swung my boots up on to the bed and stretched out full length.When they first made their appearance in this country, crag rats sported nailed boots and tweed plus-fours.But the re-organisation means the boot is now on the other foot as far as money is concerned.Wes followed me and watched as I opened the boot and laid Duke gently on top of my black working coat.