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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbootlaceboot‧lace /ˈbuːtleɪs/ noun [countable usually plural]  DCCa long piece of string that you use to fasten a boot
Examples from the Corpus
bootlaceIt had a small, dandyish white shirt with a bootlace tie.The Mark Hateley of suit and silk tie is a polar opposite to the Mark Hateley of shorts and bootlaces.He had sorted the boxes of patent medicines and stacked them in one corner away from the cartons of collar studs and bootlaces.His hands were tightly bound together with what felt like bootlaces.Being Ymor's right-hand man was like being gently flogged to death with scented bootlaces.The cook stood there like a shrivelled bootlace, tight-lipped, implacable, disapproving.Peter ambled after them and joined other fathers who would doubtless have to help with bootlaces.