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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbottombot‧tom1 /ˈbɒtəm $ ˈbɑː-/ ●●● S1 W3 noun  1 the bottom2 lowest sideLOWEST SIDEBOTTOM [countable usually singular] the flat surface on the lowest side of an objectthe bottom of something What’s that on the bottom of your shoe?3 lowest inner partCUP/BOX ETCBOTTOM [countable usually singular] the lowest inner surface of something such as a containerat/in the bottom of something I found the keys – they were at the bottom of my handbag. The drugs had been hidden in a suitcase with a false bottom.4 the bottom5 the bottom6 bodyBODY [countable]HBH the part of your body that you sit on syn backside I just sat on my bottom and slid down.7 clothesCLOTHES [countable usually plural]DCC the part of a set of clothes that you wear on the lower part of your body pyjama bottoms a blue bikini bottom8 the bottom of a road/garden etc9 get to the bottom of something10 be/lie at the bottom of something11 be at/hit/reach rock bottom12 from the bottom of your heart13 the bottom drops/falls out of the market14 bottoms up!15 big-bottomed/round-bottomed etc16 at bottomtop, you can bet your bottom dollar at bet1(6), → knock the bottom out of at knock1(25), → from top to bottom at top1(22), → the bottom of the list at list1(2), → scrape the bottom of the barrel at scrape1(5)THESAURUSthe bottom the lowest part of somethingThe house is at the bottom of that hill.She scrolled down to the bottom of the screen.the underneath/the underside the bottom surface on the outside of somethingYou will find the serial number on the underneath of the vacuum cleaner.base the lowest part or the wide bottom part on which something standsThe lamp has a square base.He had broken a bone at the base of his spine.the foot literary the bottom of a tree, a hill, or some stairsThere was a small village at the foot of the mountain.bed the ground at the bottom of a river, a lake, or the seathe sea bedThey found some interesting stones on the river bed.the foundations the layer of cement and stones that forms the bottom of a buildingThe builders have begun laying the foundations for the house.
Examples from the Corpus
bottomthe ocean bottompajama bottomsThey've got baggy pants with ripped bottoms.However, these warnings frequently appear at the bottom of advertisements in the tiniest of print.The transponder was released acoustically just after Alvin left the bottom for the last time in this area.This means that a few get top marks, a big bunch get middling marks, and a few come near the bottom.He pokes it through the bottom of the popcorn box they share.Western spadefoot toads burrow into the wash bottom, emerging to produce another batch of mosquito larvae-eating tadpoles during the summer rains.Did you fall on your bottom?the bottom of somethingSimilarly, the three icons at the bottom of the toolbox can be accessed via the Text and Graphics pull-down menus.At the bottom of the garden his brethren of the cloth were submitting his character to a sustained and vicious mauling.Faintly like the drowned from the bottom of a pool.No more resonance than a quarter hitting the bottom of a Salvation Army Christmas kettle.Mattie wiggled out of the bottom of her pajamas and dropped them on the floor.It's also far more effective than planting in a layer of soil on the bottom of the pond.The Belemnite chalk is less dense than the Montagne de Reims and turns sandy towards the bottom of its twenty-metre depth.at/in the bottom of somethingThe scale line now appears at the bottom of the screen.A fence at the bottom of a flight of steps works as an effective safety measure for infirm walkers.People at the bottom of the income ladder bear a minuscule percentage of the tax burden.On Earth, the deposit of sedimentary rock at the bottom of the ocean is part of larger geological cycles.The cabinet slammed full against the shape, pinning it down and jamming sideways at the bottom of the stairwell.Uh, at the bottom of that list it will tell you how the King James translates that.They had a little autonomous world at the bottom of the garden where, for a time, they could play.