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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboxer shortsˈboxer ˌshorts ●●○ noun [plural]  DCCloose cotton underwear for men
Examples from the Corpus
boxer shortsUntil I can afford a new pair of designer boxer shorts, I will go along with that.In his boxer shorts, wearing his glasses, Wyatt felt himself shaking.He dressed like a willful teenager, favoring jeans so tattered you could see his boxer shorts through them.Prince Andrew is an easy choice - Union Jack boxer shorts for just 99p.Nat let him in and went to fetch Tony who appeared wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a big smile.Joe explained that oversized jeans were necessary to showcase wildly patterned boxer shorts.He strips down to his T-shirt and striped boxer shorts.Her eyes dropped once more to the boxer shorts as embarrassed colour rose to her cheeks.