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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbraidbraid1 /breΙͺd/ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [uncountable]DCC a narrow band of material formed by twisting threads together, used to decorate the edges of clothes πŸ”Š a jacket trimmed with red braid2 [countable]DC a length of hair that has been separated into three parts and then woven together syn plait British Englishin braids πŸ”Š Suzy always wears her hair in braids. β€”braided adjective
Examples from the Corpus
braidβ€’ Edusha, braid me a couple of braids.β€’ The Cord Maker comes complete with an explanatory instruction leaflet, containing suggestions for using the finished braids and cords.β€’ a blue jacket with gold braidβ€’ He took his key from the floor clerk, who wore her hair in braids.β€’ He smiles a satisfied smile and takes his long fingers and grazes them softly over my braids.β€’ But ribbons are not only ideal for wrapping presents - household furnishings can be instantly revived with rich braids.β€’ A little girl with wiry braids kicks a bottle cap at his shoes.β€’ Use lining fabrics for economy, trimmed with pattern border or edged with braid.β€’ A worn braid feels rough and is best cut away and the line joined by a blood knot.in braidsβ€’ Sally likes wearing her hair in braids.β€’ He took his key from the floor clerk, who wore her hair in braids.β€’ She is a large woman with hair the color of a cast-iron skillet, worn in braids wrapped around her head.