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bustlebustle2 noun  1 [singular]BUSY PLACE busy and usually noisy activitybustle of a continual bustle of people coming and going hustle and bustle at hustle2(1)2 [countable]DCC a frame worn by women in the past to hold out the back of their skirts
Examples from the Corpus
bustleLife was terribly hectic in the city, she thought, all hustle and bustle.She enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of people and music.A school-age child has trouble concentrating in the class-room because she is overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle.The streets and bars were deserted, and for once the incessant noise and bustle had abated.The ceaseless thrust and bustle came from something deep and primaeval in man.His solemnity contrasts with the calculating bustle of Ezra Cohen.The bustle of metropolitan commerce and tourism filled the streets.bustle ofthe bustle of a big city