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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcloakcloak1 /kləʊk $ kloʊk/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]DCC a warm piece of clothing like a coat without sleeves that hangs loosely from your shoulders2 [singular]HIDE/NOT SHOW an organization, activity, or way of behaving that deliberately protects someone or keeps something secretcloak of the cloak of secrecy around the affaircloak for The political party is used as a cloak for terrorist activities.under the cloak of something prejudice hiding under the cloak of religion
Examples from the Corpus
cloakDarkness threw a cloak over my strangeness, so that people let me pass with a nod or a softly called greeting.At one moment we see a little boy dressed in a black cloak gliding along.I can really see Cadfael rattling round in his black cloak, taking a short cut on his errands round the town.As I said she wore a mask, and a rich black cloak with white lambswool trimmings.After you had slain the lady, you took one of her cloaks as well as the ring from her finger.It was almost warm, and Riven hung his cloak by the saddle bow.Corbett gagged at the bitter-sweet smell of corruption and covered his mouth and nose with his cloak to prevent himself choking.The snow was begin-ning to stick to my cloak.cloak forThe group uses a charity organization as a cloak for terrorist activities.