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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcouturecou‧ture /kuːˈtjʊə $ -ˈtʊr/ (also haute-couture) noun [uncountable]  DCCthe design and production of expensive and fashionable clothes, or the clothes themselves a couture collection
Examples from the Corpus
coutureThe fact is that I have a vacancy arising for a couture model.Everyone on earth was in Paris that week for the fall couture, and for some colossal tennis event.Of course, Super Show is not about haute couture, but about haute profits.Bazaar, which keeps track of spending trends in haute couture and dry goods, notes that luxury is back.I wondered what this splashy display of interracial haute couture meant to her.Mailing designs home to be printed on samples sewn by his mum, Wells made a start in sports couture.Here are the couture workrooms and a door marked in large black letters' Mademoiselle.Somehow, it bodes well for the couture.