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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcuffcuff1 /kʌf/ noun [countable]  1 DCCthe end of a sleeve2 American EnglishDCC a narrow piece of cloth turned upwards at the bottom of a trouser leg syn turn-up British English3 HITan action in which you hit someone lightly on the head with your hand open4 cuffs5 a wide band of metal, leather, plastic etc, worn around the wrist as decoration off-the-cuff
Examples from the Corpus
cuffHe would have thrown out the shirt with the slightly frayed cuff and straightened his shoulders.In I.. Magnin they have house detectives who look great, cuff links, tailored suits.Sunny Jim drops his pizza and it gets all over Sam's right cuff.He is wearing shoes, and his shirt cuffs are buttoned.When he gets closer we can see that one of his shirt cuffs is unbuttoned and the sleeve is frayed.The smell was unpleasant too but she resisted the temptation to remove her scented handkerchief from the cuff of her blouse.I threw fists and kicked hard as hell when they tried to get the cuffs on me.They saw him pass by, Jaunty and confident in his drainpipe trousers, his long Jacket with velvet cuffs and collar.