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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdressdress1 /dres/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [countable]DCC a piece of clothing worn by a woman or girl that covers the top of her body and part or all of her legsskirt Sheila wore a long red dress. a summer dresssee thesaurus at clothes2 [uncountable]DC clothes for men or women of a particular type or for a particular occasion a gentleman in evening dress (=formal clothes worn especially at important social events) The play was performed in modern dress (=clothes from the present time).dress code (=a standard of what you should wear for a particular situation) This restaurant has a strict dress code – no tie, no service.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + dress a wedding dressHave you chosen your wedding dress yet?an evening dress (=a formal dress to wear in the evening)She arrived in a red evening dress.a cocktail dress (=a formal dress but not usually a long one)She wore a little black cocktail dress.a silk/cotton/velvet etc dressEllie chose a green silk dress.a long dress (=that goes down to your ankles)Most of the women were wearing long dresses.a party dress (=for parties)I need a new party dress for Christmas.a summer dressa cool blue summer dressa strapless dress (=that does not have straps on your shoulders)She was wearing a strapless cream dress and matching shoes.a sleeveless dress (=without any sleeves)She was photographed wearing a figure-hugging sleeveless dress.dress + NOUNa dress shop (=selling women’s dresses and other clothes)It was an expensive dress shop.a dress designer (=someone whose job is designing women’s clothes)She’s a former royal dress designer.
Examples from the Corpus
dressAnd for each of the 15 girls buying dresses, there is an escort in need of a tuxedo.Arrested for attending Quaker and Seeker meetings, he was excused by a judge who noted his fine dress.Her dress was sticking uncomfortably to her back and her palms were wet.Do you like my new dress?Minna, as if she were proving some point, wore an old dress and had not bothered-to comb her hair properly.Your spokesman will also need some advice on dress for television.Anita's dress, £180, Karen Boyd.The first time I meet her, I wear an unflattering dress.dress codeUsually, there is something behind a dress code, some reasoning.I have discovered a dress code among Labour party members.Instead of simplifying life, relaxed business dress codes have become an expensive and troublesome burden.At the most obvious level there are different dress codes to denote masculine and feminine genders.It's a cool drinking venue, with a noir dress code observed by the arty crowd and staff.The elegance and grace of riding side-saddle is reiterated in the dress code.I knew the language, the dress codes, what the leisure weekend activites were.