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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdungareesdun‧ga‧rees /ˌdʌŋɡəˈriːz/ noun [plural]  1 British EnglishDCC loose trousers that have a square piece of cloth that covers your chest, and long thin pieces that fasten over your shoulders syn overalls American English2 American English old-fashionedDCC heavy cotton trousers used for working in syn jeans
Examples from the Corpus
dungareesHow about a shawl, babies dungarees or a cuddly toy?He wore brown dungarees and a brown shirt, both in strong material.Denim dungarees reduced from £36.99 to £29.99.She tried going around in dungarees to disguise things, but Mom didn't think they were ladylike.Lowering his eyes, he stared in some bemusement at the men's over-large dungarees she was wearing.Who else would wear Andy Pandy candy-striped dungarees on stage, other than Philip Schofield?Striped dungarees, £45 approx, Chipie.The building was besieged by Right-Ons, many wearing dungarees and riding shiny hi-tech bicycles bought on credit in Covent Garden.