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ldoce_110_bflounceflounce2 noun  1 DCC[countable] a wide band of cloth with folds, which is stitched onto the edge of a skirt, dress, shirt, or curtain as a decoration The dress had red satin flounces at the bottom.2 [singular]ANGRY a way of walking in a quick determined way without looking at people, because you are angry She walked off with a flounce.
Examples from the Corpus
flounceIn the morning, she rose early and dressed in her plainest clothes, flounces and frills had no place in business.One wore a tattered summer dress in pink spotted cotton with double flounces, the other a pinafore over a checked blouse.Alas, the tempo tweaking didn't end with Mordkovitch's final flounce off the platform.Her skirt lacked hoops or flounces.When the lady is laid out, it is in a mob-cap and an embroidered headband, and neatly pressed flounces.Holding my eye, Caduta parted the flounces of her shirt.She wears a white childlike party frock, edged with lace, stiffened with gauze, decorated with flounces and bows.