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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrockfrock /frɒk $ frɑːk/ noun [countable]  1 old-fashionedDCC a woman’s or girl’s dress a party frock2 RRCa long loose piece of clothing worn by some Christian monks
Examples from the Corpus
frockThe more extreme designers have turned the jacket into a frock coat, emphasizing the Edwardian feel.Grant met them in a worn black frock coat and listened politely.Now go on, get one of your most glittery frocks on and give those kids the performance of your life.The mad girl crouching in the corner with her frock up and the unforgivable substance coming from her mouth.There were men in frock coats and bowler hats.She dresses her dolls in super expensive Dior label frocks and even has her own yacht.Although I doubt even Camilla would wear the backless Lycra frock that this woman almost had on.It isn't a matter of choosing between one frock and another.