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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfuzzfuzz /fʌz/ noun  1 HBAT[singular, uncountable] thin soft hair or a substance like hair that covers something When Jack was born he had a fuzz of black hair on his head.2 DCC[uncountable] American English a small amount of soft material that has come from clothing etc syn fluff3 the fuzz
Examples from the Corpus
fuzzIt sounds like a thunderclap being forced through a fuzz pedal.On his head was a fuzz - a fluff of pale downy hair, almost transparent.You wouldn't believe all the dust and fuzz that gathers behind the computer.All his friends kept their baby fuzz, thought it made them look sophisticated.There's some green fuzz growing on the leftovers in the fridge.But by entering into futures contracts, he can guarantee that his fuzz and chops will not go without buyers.These leaves, too, were curled around the edges, and their undersides were covered with a downy tan fuzz.Soon the screen was obliterated by the fuzz of burning light behind Ari's eyes.Unheralded Davie Allan has worn the unofficial crown as master of the fuzz guitar for nearly as long.What you tell the fuzz to get them to leave you alone?