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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_150_aheaddresshead‧dress /ˈhed-dres/ noun [countable]  DCCsomething that someone wears on their head, especially for decoration on a special occasion The bride wore white with a pearl headdress.
Examples from the Corpus
headdressLoops of wire pressed octagons into her face, just below the hairline, imprinting a headdress of chains.Pipe a headdress around the top of the head.She had dark-brown hair, parted in the middle, and wore a headdress of yellow felt.Clothing included linen shirts, decorated caftans, aprons, stockings, and headdresses of felt and leather.Too fat for the Breton headdress.She was the Amazon, with a crimson headdress, eyeing the miniature man she held between thumb and forefinger.a feathered headdressHe wore a red-and-gold headdress, and a white tunic trimmed with the same colours.