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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadscarfhead‧scarf /ˈhedskɑːf $ -skɑːrf/ noun (plural headscarves /-skɑːvz $ -skɑːrvz/) [countable]  DCCa square piece of cloth that women wear on their heads and tie under their chins
Examples from the Corpus
headscarfA hog in a headscarf squealed as she cleaved its skull with her axe.Couldn't see, she was wearing a headscarf.She was dressed in traditional black with a headscarf pulled tight beneath her chin.Dawn Allenby was standing in her coat and headscarf staring at herself in the mirror.There was now almost nothing flagrantly alien about her, apart from her headscarf.Her headscarf was already soaked through.This woman with a red headscarf is looking at them and chatting to the man behind the stall.The sea washed over her, swirling the headscarf into foam that was crimson already.