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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhemlinehem‧line /ˈhemlaɪn/ noun [countable]  DCCthe length of a dress, skirt etc Short hemlines are in this spring.
Examples from the Corpus
hemlineTurn it back down again to reveal the corner between the creased hemline and sides.It has a shawl collar, wide belt and cuffed hemline.The knee-length hemline has become very popular this fall.We're still talking about Fiona Armstrong's calves and debating fulsomely about the length of hemlines.An individual finishing touch can come from your choice of shaped hemline, which could be angular, castellated or scalloped.They are all the same, only the hemlines on the models go up or down over the years.Modern fashion writers interpret this hemline ricochet with sociological spins.In the womenswear industry, designers can offer panache without absurdity through color, varying hemlines, adornment and more.The styles now flooding the High Street are all dramatically long, with hemlines hovering around the ankle.