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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow-cutˌlow-ˈcut adjective  DCCa low-cut dress is shaped so that it shows a woman’s neck and the top of her chest
Examples from the Corpus
low-cutNecklines can not be low-cut, and see-through blouses are definitely not allowed!In retrospect I would not choose a boot with such a low-cut ankle again.She wore a low-cut cotton sundress, a bright green-and-yellow geometric print on a white background.If some one like Faith Brown wears a low-cut dress on television, her cleavage is all anyone looks at.A young girl in a long, low-cut dress with a sash and apron sat on a settle beyond the table.The women, who wore sweaters under their low-cut dresses, hitched their clothes and staggered with their partners.Little, after all, was concealed by her low-cut dresses.