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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmittenmit‧ten /ˈmɪtn/ noun [countable]  gloves_mittens.jpg DCCa type of glove that does not have separate parts for each finger
Examples from the Corpus
mittenIt is a real hassle, coats and mittens and all the rest in the winter, you know.The pinched woman in a pink overall and blue mittens in the ticket office squinted at our passes and nodded us on.Roland, her damp mittens dangling from the insides of her stained coat sleeves.I put my hands back in dry mittens and feeling soon returned.I could almost imagine that he had mittens on ribbons threaded through his sleeves.He had also lost his left mitten.Foxgloves had opened their mitten flowers.My teeth were chattering, and the juice from the pear was dripping over my red wool mittens.