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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuffmuff1 /mʌf/ noun [countable]  DCCa short tube of thick cloth or fur that you can put your hands into to keep them warm in cold weatherearmuffs
Examples from the Corpus
muffIt has a long snout, erect ears, a shiny brown coat, and a tail thick as a muff.She held the lead in her gloved hands; behind her was Selene, with hers protected by a muff.In the end, she and Bessie man-aged to make three of them into a muff and a little hat.She carried a little fur muff.Surreptitiously, her hand hidden within the furry confines of her muff, Anne made the sign of the cross.She took off her muff and laid it down on the rough table made of planks and bricks.I sometimes stimulate myself under my muff.Mrs Kulass put on a ratty fur coat, a shabby felt hat, and put her hands inside an old muff.