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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-the-pegˌoff-the-ˈpeg British English, off the rack American English adjective  DCCBBoff-the-peg clothes are made in standard sizes, not made especially to fit one personmade-to-measureoff-the-peg, off the rack adverb It was only a cheap suit, bought off-the-peg.
Examples from the Corpus
off-the-pegIndycar racing offers the advantage of off-the-peg cars and engine packages.The society is worried about traditional Victorian front doors being replaced with unsuitable off-the-peg doors.For those who wanted peace of mind or enhanced consciousness there were several off-the-peg forms of Eastern mysticism.Even the most expensive and well-cut suit took on the appearance of a cheap off-the-peg item from a Hong Kong department store.So what did they make of these budget off-the-peg outfits which the rest of us wear every day?Most plans are like off-the-peg suits, they fit everyone more or less and no one perfectly.You can buy an off-the-peg timber frame house or discover how to design and build your own house of stone.